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Bringing a baby into the world and experiencing motherhood for the first time is such a miracle.  Becoming a mom opens your eyes into a whole new kind of love, something so hard to explain yet so amazing to experience.  However, there is no question that pregnancy can be very taxing on the body with so many changes happening physically, mentally, and emotionally. Although every woman has their own unique pregnancy experience, something we all have in common is the desire for a healthy pregnancy: baby and mama.  There is a strong, positive correlation between women who live a healthy lifestyle and those who experience a happier, healthier pregnancy.  Motherhood is a three-part cycle – healthy body, healthy baby, healthy mama.  Ensuring you will have a healthy pregnancy experience starts before you even conceive, carries on in the healthy body stage, and continues throughout postpartum, in the healthy mama stage.  Healthy living is not always easy, but it is worth it.  Now is the time to focus on self-care and creating a healthy environment for you and your baby.  The best time to start is now, so let’s get you on the right track so you too can experience a healthier, happier motherhood.


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